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Warrington Pest Control

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24 Hour Warrington Pest Control Services

Warrington Pest Control offers an efficient, professional and friendly pest removal service for your home or business. Our 24 hour Warrington pest control services guarantee fast elimination of pests wherever they are found on your property. We are here to take your call all day and night and our 24-hour pest control services are available for both private houses and commercial premises.

If you are concerned that your business is suffering from an infestation problem, do not hesitate to pick up the phone and contact our Warrington pest control team. If you are stressed and upset that you have an infestation in your house, we can have one of our highly qualified technicians with you as soon as it is convenient for you. Our service is affordable and reliable. Our team understand that it can be distressing to have to deal with an infestation problem and we are sympathetic to your needs.

As well as discussing with you the best way to handle your individual case, we can also give you preventative advice so that you can stop a future infestation from occurring. We can also carry out repairs, if required, to any damaged areas.

We can even help you to find out whether you are actually experiencing a pest infestation and if so, the type of pest if you are unsure. There are many signs of an infestation that can be commonly found such as evidence of chewing, nest building, excrement, odours and strange sounds. There are particular areas that are especially at risk of infestation, including loft spaces, kitchens, cavity walls, sheds, garages and outbuildings.

Pests must be dealt with by qualified Warrington pest control professionals as soon as possible after discovery for the following reasons:

Disease – many pests spread diseases and contaminate foodstuffs causing food poisoning. Bird excrement is especially dangerous, although any type of animal excrement is potentially hazardous and unhygienic.

Injury – as well as painful stings from wasps and bees that you may disturb either accidentally or when trying to deal with their nests independently, you may also be at risk of bites from bedbugs or fleas. Some people (and pets) can suffer allergic reactions to pest bites and stings, some of which can even prove fatal in the case of wasp and bee stings.

Damage – property can easily be damaged by pest infestations, either from chewing through cables, electric wiring or pipes, holes in wooden furniture, skirting boards and walls or even structural damage caused by seepage of honey from bees’ nests.

We can treat the whole range of common household pests including rodents, flying and crawling insects and parasites. We can eradicate mice, rats and grey squirrels from your home and ensure that any nests are removed. We can also handle the removal of wasp, honey bee and bumble bee nests so that you do not endanger yourself or your family. We offer an extremely effective and long-lasting flea control treatment if your pet accidentally introduces these unpleasant parasites to your home.

So, call us today with any pest issue you may have.